Rare Vale of York Windsor Chair



A rather scarce form of English ‘primitive’ Windsor chair, made exclusively in a small area of the Vale of York.
These particular chairs are characterised by their round ash bow which, as Adam Bowett notes, in his article on ‘Windsor Chairs from the Vale of York’ for the Regional Furniture Society, “has a two dimensional or compound curve; it is not only arched as are all Windsor chairs but it is also curved backwards.
“This gives the chair a barrel-shaped back which is amazingly comfortable, and suggests a sophistication of design which belies their often crude appearance.”

Constructed in ash with a thick sycamore slab seat, this example boasts a lovely, mellow, honey colour, with of remnants of its original green paint.
It’s a little lower than its maker originally intended, having lost an inch or two in height but remains a very usable and supremely comfortable fireside chair.

English, Vale of York, c1820.

Measurements: H: 38.75” (98.5cm); W: 22” (56cm); D: 15.75” (40cm).

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